RFA Certified: Brazil Daterra Honey Processed

RFA Certified: Brazil Daterra Honey Processed

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The Daterra Estate is a world-famous farm in Brazil where, like most estate coffees, production is strict and held to high standards. Honey-processed coffees are unique in that instead of removing the entire fruit before washing and drying the “bean,” farmers remove just the skin — leaving the golden mucilage intact. Here, the result is a naturally-sweet cup of coffee. But the benefits of this coffee don’t end there…

All Daterra Estate coffees are Rainforest Alliance certified. Amidst growing concern over climate change and our world’s ecosystems, we appreciate those producers who make a commitment not just to avoiding harm, but to taking proactive steps to preserve the lungs of our earth — our rainforests.

Classic coffee taste. Syrup-like, with natural body and mild acidity.

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  • 12 oz. bag

  • Roast Level: Medium-Dark

  • Rainforest Alliance certified

  • Ships anywhere in California

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Additional Details

  • Made in a Home Kitchen

    • Permit # LA19B190009

    • Issued in county: Los Angeles

  • Origin: Brazil — Daterra Estate

  • Rainforest Alliance certified

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