Cold Brew Ready Packs

Cold Brew Ready Packs

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Cold Brew Ready Packs provide an easy way to make great-tasting cold brew at home. Sip from a tall glass on a warm afternoon, offer refreshment to guests, or blend with ice cream for a fresh, coffee-flavored shake. You’ve got options!

  • Each order contains two (2) 6 oz. packs

    • Each pack makes one pitcher of concentrated cold brew

  • Roast Level: Varies (use selector below)

  • Ships anywhere in California

  • Free shipping on quantities of 2

    • Reduced shipping on single orders

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Brewing Guidance

Each Cold Brew Ready Pack makes one pitcher.

  1. Fill a pitcher (min. 60 oz. capacity) with 40 oz. cold water

  2. Set Ready Pack into water allowing strings to hang over side, if possible – like a giant tea bag

  3. Place pitcher in fridge and brew 12-24 hours

  4. Brew will be concentrated. Add ice, water, and/or cream to taste

Additional Details

  • Made in a Home Kitchen

    • Permit # LA19B190009

    • Issued in county: Los Angeles

  • Origin: See detail page for each coffee

  • Organic

  • Fair Trade

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