Limited: Costa Rica Tarrazú ~ La Minita

Limited: Costa Rica Tarrazú ~ La Minita

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The Tarrazú canton, in the province of San José, is a steeply-graded and hilly region famous for producing what many regard as the most desirable coffees in Costa Rica. La Minita sits on a mere 700 acres, where the entire process (from planting to hand-sorting) of this limited-production coffee is performed with strict controls, under the highest standards.

Flavors of honey-nut and warming spice fade slowly over a delicate body. This coffee is sure to please both seekers of bold flavors and those who prefer the light, natural sweetness of a Kona or Jamaican Blue.

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  • 12 oz. bag

  • Roast Level: Medium-Dark

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Additional Details

  • Made in a Home Kitchen

    • Permit # LA19B190009

    • Issued in county: Los Angeles

  • Origin: Costa Rica — San Marcos, Tarrazú

  • Limited Production

  • Rainforest Alliance certified

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