Peru Cajamarca ~ La Florida

Peru Cajamarca ~ La Florida

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La Florida is a district within the San Miguel Province, in the Cajamarca Region of Northern Peru. Here, in 1465, the Incas established a strategic foothold for their later conquests. The region features the Andes Mountain Range, rising to heights of 8,900 feet.

Our best-selling dark roast. Robust and full-bodied. Organic and Fair Trade certified.

  • 12 oz. bag

  • Roast Level: Dark

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Additional Details

  • Made in a Home Kitchen

    • Permit # LA19B190009

    • Issued in county: Los Angeles

  • Origin: Peru — San Miguel, Cajamarca

  • Organic

  • Fair Trade

Customer Feedback

Rich, smooth, dark roast that when prepared using a French Press makes a wonderful, balanced cup of coffee that needs no embellishment! Drink it black and enjoy. Started to make cold brew with it and made my wife a convert.
— Bill Harris

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