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Are your coffees certified organic?

Some are, some aren’t. But nearly all come from farms where sustainable practices are employed. When we have details on how a particular farmer uses environmentally-friendly practices, we’ll provide that information on the coffee’s detail page. Certification itself is a separate matter. Not all farmers can afford to obtain and renew costly certifications. This doesn’t mean their coffee isn’t organic — it just means they haven’t applied for certification. Moreover, organic certification is not available everywhere.

Are your coffees Fair Trade?

Some are Fair Trade, and they will be marked accordingly. Better still, some are traded under standards which are stricter than Fair Trade. These coffees will be labeled “Direct Trade,” and, these farmers receive at least 50% over Fair Trade minimums. Often that percentage is 100%+. Also, when directly traded, we are able to verify that the prices we pay make it to the people who do the work.

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How come you only ship within California?

Coffee is best when it’s fresh. We want to guarantee that our coffees will arrive fresh on your doorstep within a few days max. Fast shipping to all parts of the country (or world) often involves warehousing. This leads to coffee bags reaching customers several weeks (or months) after roasting. That’s not the business we want to be in. If you can’t find a good local roaster, please let us know.