About Us

Our mission and values, our inspiration to start Calabasas Coffee Company, and the promises we make to our customers.


Our Mission

We seek to enhance communities and provide diverse learning opportunities, through our partnerships. At present, we are working closely with the Leonis Adobe Museum in Old Town Calabasas, to bring greater awareness to the community programs and connection with local history they provide.


Our Values



We believe that continuous improvement is the key to a rewarding life, so we value education at every age. We support programs that help make learning opportunities accessible and affordable to all people. We also believe that certain skills are under-emphasized, such as personal finance, entrepreneurial studies, and the arts.

Schools should be safe spaces for all. In the month of June, we donate 15% of all sales to GLSEN. Learn more about GLSEN’s mission to “create safe and affirming schools for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.”



Inclusivity, opportunity, activities — these are essential to a thriving local community. We all have something to contribute in support of our communities, and we need not go far to get involved. We help-out locally, and we encourage others to do the same in their communities.



There’s a spark of creativity in all of us. We aim to provide safe spaces for people to get creative, and to think big. Creativity and imagination go hand in hand. We think it, and we do it — everyday. We want every person who dreams of improving life in some way, however big or small, to feel empowered to do so — to kindle that spark.


Our Inspiration

Calabasas Coffee Co. began in November 2018 when Ian Slater asked himself two simple questions: “What’s something I love?” and “What am I good at?” The answer to both was, “coffee.” But this in turn sparked an internal debate: “Another coffee company? That’s the last thing anyone needs. Unless I can do it better…”

Yes, there was room to do it better. Emily and Ian saw a lack of quality control, both in roasted coffee beans they bought online, and in the brewed coffee served in many shops. In fact, Emily wasn’t a coffee drinker for this very reason. Every time she bought a cup at this shop or that, it tasted bitter, stale, or both. Today, she is a full-fledged coffee convert, and together Ian and Emily focus on providing consistent quality, and putting that quality into the hands of home-brewers and lovers of great coffee.


Our Promises

Serving pour-overs at the Pacific Palisades Farmers Market.

Calabasas Coffee Company focuses on quality first. To that end, we make the following promises to our customers:

  1. Our coffees will never taste bitter, burned, weak, or sour. If you receive or brew a cup that is any of these things, please tell us.

  2. Our coffees will always arrive fresh and aromatic. If they do not, please let us know.

  3. We promise to deliver on our values of education, community, and creativity.

  4. We promise to delight our customers. Our brand is more than the products we sell.

Ian & Emily Slater, Owners

Ian & Emily Slater, Owners